Sea Otter Adventure 2010: Day 2

Not much to report, just drive drive driving 13 hours from Salt Lake City to Monterey. And:

Don’t go into a Sacramento Walmart looking for fresh produce. I did get 100 feet of garden hose and a 7-setting spray nozzle. This dialed pump track is brought to you by … Walmart.

It’s past 1 a.m. and I’m settling in at the Laguna Seca campground. Tomorrow I meet the famous Kyle Ebbett. We’ll decide where the pro pump track goes, I’ll mark it out and he’ll place the dirt with a Bobcat.

Saturday is the big dig day. We have a great crew lined up. This is going to be sweet.

Workout of the day:
– Drive several hours
– Stop for fuel
– 10 burpees
– 10 seesaw lunges, left foot forward
– 5 divebomber pushups
– 10 seesaw lunges, right foot forward
– 5 divebomber pushups
– Pretend to ignore the stares
– Resume driving

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