Santa Cruz Syndicate gets Pushed in 2006

(Press release from Push Industries)

Push Industries and its European partner TF Tuned Shox will handle rear suspension for Santa Cruz Syndicate in 2006. Team riders will be running Push-tuned Fox DHX and Float shocks equipped with Push Factory Components.

Darren Murphy of Push said:
“We’re stoked to be a part of this program and we are looking forward to using this opportunity to stretch our engineering arm this season. The Syndicate team offers a powerhouse roster that is second to none with top riders in such a broad range of disciplines.”

Rob Roskopp of Santa Cruz Bicycles said:
“Working with Push and TF Tuned gives us that extra edge on everyone else, especially when it comes down to timed Downhill runs, where every split second counts. It’s great to partner up with someone who’s as passionate about racing as we are.”

Ordinary riders can get the factory treatment straight from Push.

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