Right now …

… preparations are being made for Sea Otter …

Pro pump track supplies
I just loaded up on four new shovels, a new tamper, wooden stakes, marking paint and 10 x 600 feet of plastic tarp (the only way to prevent rain).

Upgraded the little camera — to a waterproof and shockproof Canon D10 — and tried to buy batteries for my Canon 1D, but the guy said my mighty SLR is too ancient. Bah hooey: That camera shot three books (I carried it on my back for a month in Whistler), and it still rocks.

Getting the laptop together hoping the Laguna Seca wireless will work; I still have software to design and sites to build. Oh, and cool stuff to post here.

Glenn at Bitterbrush Cycles is tuning up the P.3 and SX.

AND: He’s building a 2011 (yes 2011) Enduro Pro Carbon with my old parts and a new Fox 36 RC2. If the pump track comes together, I’ll rock the new Enduro in the downhill.

They are already six months old! They are tiny but mighty. Today is their checkup, weigh-in and shots. Ugh. Shots.

I’m feeling super stressed but very excited.

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