Pump tracks for motos

When the trails are snowy, we cruise 40 minutes up I-25 to the Berthoud motocross complex. In addition to the main race track, there are several smaller tracks and a dozen little “pump tracks.”

I love the pump tracks: short, twisty loops that mimic swoopy trail riding. Sacha and I rip lap after lap, turn after turn, wheel overlapping wheel, trying to pass, until one of us makes a catastrophic mistake. Switch directions. Repeat.

A couple weekends ago, Sacha’s brother Gregor Halenda (www.gregorhalenda.com) got a few photos:

Sacha’s KTM 525 EXC glows in the dusk light.

This guy is getting faster every ride — and he’s taking me with him.

This is *SO* fun. Foot out, bike drifting, eyes in the next county.

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Except for that lazy left elbow. A well-wishing surgeon shortened the connections in that shoulder.

Berthoud track info: Valley Dirt Riders Motocross

Random trail action

This is about 18 miles from my house.

Gregor, on vacation from Manhattan, nails this tricky situation. Yes, I have fallen off the side. Not cool!

In sections like this, it pays to be a downhill racer. Look way out there and let it roll. Even better: Give it a braaap!

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