Please vote to help us build an indoor bike park

Hey all, we are designing an indoor bike park in Las Vegas, NV, and it’s gonna be sweet.

Chase bank is giving $250K grants to selected small businesses. Please read about the project and vote for us!

Our mission:

100,000 square foot building. That’s 500 by 200 feet: about the area of the Valmont Bike Park slopestye and dual slalom.

Full bike shop with rental fleet.

Mezzanine with viewing area and air conditioned “Mommy room.” Ramps will drop into the terrain.

Full size air bag.

A fusion of natural and park riding styles. We are designing the topography (hills, valleys, etc.) to fit the coolest features we can think of. Expect pump tracks, XC-style trails, flow tracks, jumps, bowls, over/unders and all kinds of other madness. Green through black, fun for everyone.

Dirt riding surfaces. Misting from the ceiling. That’ll feel great on a hot day.

The shapes are so complex we’re not modeling them in software; we’re building them in clay. Imagine shredding these sections:

We hope to start building this spring.

Chase is granting $250,000 each to 12 small businesses, and we hope to be one of them! Please go to this link and click VOTE NOW.

Thanks so much. This is going to be so rad!


Know more. Have more fun!

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3 replies
  1. WAKi says:

    Lee… you mastered what architects struggle with: communicate an idea of a spatial form to the client. We are so hooked up on technology and 3d presentation gadgetry that we can’t do things like that anymore. The worst is that after being spoiled with that computer graphic nonsense, clients and decision makers expect us to do it. It takes a clear mind to do what you did. Me and my office should order communication skills clinics from you…

    Good luck with the funds!

  2. Ike says:

    Thanks for posting this on your site.
    It is such a pleasure working with you and I cannot wait to see your clay models become a reality.

  3. Liam Smillie says:

    hi I am a downhill and dirt jump rider and I live in vegas. I was wondering when you guys are going to start building and if I could help out. I have helped build full bike parks in the past in Vancouver BC Canada where I am from. I have experience shaping jumps building drops and what ever else you need me for.
    Thanks Liam


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