Mastering Mountain Bikes Skills – Excellent

Hi Lee,

I just finished reading my copy of ‘Mastering Mountain Bike Skills’ and would like to express my gratification about the quality of this book. As a Jack of all trades (master or none!), I enjoy many different hobbies and love the learning process, too. Your book is THE best book on skills instruction that I have read over ANY subject. Your attention to detail, depth, and delivery of experience is spot on; furthermore, your passion flows through the book. I really enjoyed reading this book.

‘Mastering Mountain Bike Skills’ has improved my MTB skills tremendously. I live in the SF Bay Area where there is a plethora of beautiful places to bike. My new skills have allowed me to further explore and enjoy this paradise I live in.

– Eric

Wow Eric, thanks.

Today was a dark day. This note was a brightener.

Enjoy those trails. MMBSii skills work extra tastily in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Bob L. says:

    I listened to you (Lee) on James Wilsons podcast and knew I needed this book! I am a few chapters in and it’s awesome. The production values and page quality is great. As a older biker (x- mxer and trials rider)I want to be heading in the right direction with my skills as soon as possible. Hopefully after I complete the book I will be able apply all of the new skills presented.

    Wish me luck,


  2. WingNutt says:

    Just posted the review on of MMBSii ….definitely a good must have book to put in your gear bag! And I thought the first one was good!


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