Oh man, I’m so nervous. I’m about to do a video interview for MTV’s MADE. We’ve done the emails and phone calls; now it’s time to show ’em what I’m all about.

If all goes well I’ll be turning a NorCal teen into a downhill racer.

On worldwide TV.


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  1. tony says:

    Made is a cool show! you’ll fit right in, Lee.
    the best episode was the two girls who wanted to race moto. if you haven’t seen it, get a copy.


    by day 3 they’re all bruised and bitch fitting at each other. one goes to hospital after a fall; she wants to quit. the other is totally fired up and wants to practice twice a day. fight and flight personified in pastel TLD …real drama.

    is filming in colorado or Norcal?

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    That is rad.

    Nick Simcik came over and shot the interview. Oh man that’s tough. I’m totally comfortable teaching a group. Standing in front of a camera is so hard.

  3. Stephan says:

    Oh man! This great, you so got this down. Hopefully they will give props to your website and become world famous. Or more famouser than you already are!

    PS, this is stephan from the Sycip team and met you at sea otter at your pump track.

  4. Anonymous Coward says:

    Well done, I’ve never read a book that communicated so well things that are so poorly given to words. You’re a born teacher, go forth and own.

  5. leelikesbikes says:

    I sent everything in today. I wish it was more pro, but I did my best with the limited time.

    Can you imagine turning on MTV and seeing us ripping Calabasas, Mount Diablo, the Demo Forest, Northstar … ?

    Fingers crossed!

  6. Simcik says:

    We should put something more pro together for MTV and do something cool for MTB, shredding, not just teenage drama with some bikes in there. Some gnarly riders sending it, hauling @$$, and shredding turns

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