Lyons Bike Park: Dig this weekend, rip next weekend

Lyons Bike Park is hosting a DH/pump comp on Oct. 25. To make that happen, we need to dig and ride this weekend.

This weekend

When: Saturday and Sunday starting at 10 a.m and going ’til everyone drops.

Priority 1: Put the wooden takeoff ramps back into the trick line. Make sure everything is dialed for next weekend’s comp. Bring your shovel and your bike!

Priority 2: Buff out the rest of the park.

Glenn at Bitterbrush Cycles is in charge. Ask him your questions.

Next weekend

Looks like fun. Here’s the flyer:

Warning to all you pump track racers: I haven’t slept in weeks — I’m tougher than ever!!!

Dig. Ride. Repeat.

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