Lyons Bike Park: Dig this weekend, rip next weekend

Lyons Bike Park is hosting a DH/pump comp on Oct. 25. To make that happen, we need to dig and ride this weekend.

This weekend

When: Saturday and Sunday starting at 10 a.m and going ’til everyone drops.

Priority 1: Put the wooden takeoff ramps back into the trick line. Make sure everything is dialed for next weekend’s comp. Bring your shovel and your bike!

Priority 2: Buff out the rest of the park.

Glenn at Bitterbrush Cycles is in charge. Ask him your questions.

Next weekend

Looks like fun. Here’s the flyer:

Warning to all you pump track racers: I haven’t slept in weeks — I’m tougher than ever!!!

Dig. Ride. Repeat.

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  1. Rockin Ron says:

    Can we expect you there Lee? Glenn and I went over there tonight and we have some ideas for the pump track we want to share. No changes to the outside loop but we have great ideas for the inside. I know you’ll dig it.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    I hope to get out there. Two little babies at home. I’ll try to get there for at least a little while, to hear about your ideas.

    >> I know you’ll dig it.

    Ha! I’ll bring my shovel.

  3. Rockin Ron says:

    I just gave you a bumper sticker idea. “Lee Likes Bikes, I know you’ll dig it”.

    How perfect is that? I want one…

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    The IFC site says 9-5. I’ll try to get a more granular schedule.

    Pump Track Race!!! I don’t think the babies have been good for my fitness, but the lack of sleep is making me tough! My pain level is already an 8. No problem to crank it to 11 — especially to dispatch an able foe.

    I hope first prize is a nap.

  5. Simcik says:

    Well, I am not tough, but strong and am sort of able to get sleep, hours more than you I am sure. So we will see, youth and strength or toughness and experience. Time will tell. Unfortunately for me, experience tends to beat youth…

    I hope the girls are doing well. You and Ian are seriously outnumbered!

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