Lyons Bike Park: 100 laps of pump track love

The other day I marked the slalom course and set a benchmark time for 100 Laps of Pump Track Love.

Bike: With the P.3 needing all kinds of attention — flat tire, broken shifter, bent rotor, mysterious creaks — I rocked the Intense 20.

Protocol: 10 laps counterclockwise with left foot forward. Short rest. 10 laps clockwise with the right foot forward. Short rest. Repeat for 10 sets of 10.

Experience: Oof. My computer fitness is very high, but my pump track fitness is apparently not. Aggressive riding yielded great speed, but I couldn’t pin it for more than a few laps. 100 Laps of Pump Track Love are all about settling into a rhythm and learning the track. I have some tricks for the Lyons Outdoor Games Pump Track Worlds!

Time: Total, with rests, chats with bystanders, a brake adjustment and a call from The Wife, was about 40 minutes.

Next for the track: 1) Smoothen some of the transitions. 2) Buff out the track in general. 3) Possibly add rollers to the middles of the interior 180s, to help people carry more speed through those turns.

Teaching a clinic this afternoon then heading out to Lyons to do some digging and plan tomorrow’s work/ride session. 1 p.m. at the park. Bring your tools and bike!

Get out there and set your own 100-lap time!

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