Investment property: Paved jumping paradise

You better move quickly if you want to get this one-of-a-kind property.

The history

Over the past year and a half, our man Tony Santoro has been creating geometrically perfect dirt jumps on a 1.85-acre lot in Las Vegas. He started working with the loose local dirt, but after XR50s pulverized the place he began paving his takeoffs and landings with Quickcrete. The system worked so well, he’s paved all the lines, and now Amigo Hills would make the Romans proud.

The bad news

Last week a bunch of No Trespassing signs appeared around the property. It turns out the land was for sale, and a sale is now pending.

The good news (maybe)

Real estate transactions have a way of falling apart. If this deal falls through, the land will go back on the market, and some mountain bikers can buy the land and preserve this paved jumping paradise!

The price

Only $1,047,618. Any takers?

From the Lee Likes Bikes archive: How Tony did it