Here’s the Deer Valley MTX course

Deer Valley NMBS (July 7-9) – You might have heard that the dual slalom has been cancelled, and that the mountain cross has been moved. The new location is 45-60 minutes away from the resort at Rad Canyon BMX in South Jordan, UT.

Our man Tony Santoro checked out the site. He found an unused BMX track. Here it is:

Click for big.

A thought about bike setup

The current NORBA rulebook says you must have front and rear brakes, but it says nothing about wheel size or number of gears. So if you’re quick on a BMX cruiser … heck, a 20!

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  1. baxter says:

    hey lee,
    just a heads up, last time i looked at the norba handbook it required that mtnx contestants
    “3D12. Bikes must have three working gears and two working brakes”.
    Where the heck do you think they came up with that number…

  2. Justin Brown says:

    I usually find, $1, $.25, trouble…but never anything this good. You lucky SOB. Enjoy it.

  3. Joss Dewaele says:

    The dirt out there is pretty soft, so 24’s might be a bit better. And if you can find a good 2″ travel suspension fork, run that also.

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    Baxter, you are absolutely correct. I missed that one.

    And as for the three gears — who knows?

    So if you’re a local BMX pro you rig a derailleur on your cruiser and have at it.

  5. Ben says:

    Ya, I remember seeing old BMX bikes with a two speed shifter, one gear for DJ’s, and one for street. Now thats cool!

  6. Grant Shoemaker says:

    Wow – NORBA is so retarded! That flat BMX track is no substitute for the DS that was scheduled. I’m now really glad that I’ve decided not to attend. Of course, the DH there sounds like a blast, but, oh well. I’ll just get some more practice in for the Colorado State Championship at the MSC Snowmass race.

  7. Ryan says:

    That looks like the perfect MX course to match the National Championship DH in Sonoma. The governing body of our awesome sport is making us look silly. This is rediculous. I don’t know what led to them cancelling the DS and MX or whatever, but it’s not excusable. If the proper planning was made it wouldn’t have happened. What a poor effort. LAME.

  8. Tony Santoro says:

    (Ryan) – The word I got from Team Big Bear on the phone was…”Dual Slalom was cancelled because it was to be held in an area that the resort is planning construction work”.

    I thought to myself, there’s no slopeslide somewhere else to build a DS or MTX course?

    ha ha I’m racing Super D, everyone should switch to SD!

  9. leelikesbikes says:

    Yes. Super D in your own town. Sorry — but to get people to travel you gotta add value.

    Tony, any word on why they didn’t build the 4X at the resort? Guesses: work, money.

    Fact: Building a 4X course costs serious money that 4X racing does not recoup. Moving that event is probably a sound business decision — in the short term, anyway.

  10. Tony Santoro says:

    I was told that someone from Rad Canyon offered Team Big Bear the opportunity/option of holding the MTX event on their secondary track. I can understand what you mean about saving money on building an entire course, but I really can’t wait to see how many (or few) riders will travel all the way out to South Jordan, Utah to race it. Oughta be extra fun also with the weather report I’ve been watching. Forecast shows high chance a rain/thunderstorms daily for the area. Flat mud filled course. No thanks… ha ha

    I’m definitely more excited about Super D as my second event along with the DH.


  11. runnin12s says:

    Just lookin at the course, I think I’ll stay over here in the Northeast part of the country. Our mountains aren’t as high but at least we keep going down hill, and as far as technical, why don’t they just open up a dirt jump area to hold the event it would be closer to what this is, oh I just had an idea, anyone have a spare pump track for them to hold the occasion on?

  12. Tony Santoro says:

    Hell yea, the SUPER D rocked!!
    So fun, I rode it four times in practice…
    Then raced it to a 5th place finish…
    and after the event was over, went and rode it for a 6th time right before dark, just because.

    Deer Valley Super D was definitely a goodtime.
    Glad I switched to it from the MTX.


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