Heavy feet, light hands

A new reader of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills has found the key to great riding — and it’s opening up a whole new world of stoke.

On good days, I wedge my weight between the pedals and rock the Tea Party grip. This was a good day.


I have been riding for many years and starting reading your book “Mastering Mountain Bike Skills.” I read the section on how to touch your bike and really took note of the handlebar section.

I did not really ever notice how much weight I was actually placing on my bars. This one technique of staying light on my bar and not using them to hold myself up has opened up a whole new level of bike handling.

My turns are sharper, cleaner and my bike instantly feels like a Ginsu knife instead of a fat hog. I always knew I was a “heavy rider,” not heavy in weight but heavy on the bike, never really knew why, just thought that was my style.

I found it was not my style but a bad habit that was holding back my progression more than I knew. Thanks and look forward to reading the rest of your book.


Right on Christian!

You found the A-1 key to bike handling: Heavy feet and light hands.

Have fun!

— Lee

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