Don’t sell out to fear

That’s what a friend in the U.K. just emailed me. He knows I’m struggling with the idea of life after marriage, worrying about money and all that.

Last week I interviewed at a magazine, and this week I have a juicy interview at a big bike company. There are good reasons to take one of these gigs, but I guess fear shouldn’t be one of them.

“Don’t sell out to fear.”

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  1. PostCanyonLoc says:

    Stay strong Lee! You’ve got allot of fans out here- hope you land a “gig’! I bet the guys at Specialized will be asking you to join the marketing dept, your a natural.

  2. Tony says:


    your charisma and passion for all you do in life will carry you far, no matter what path you take.

    Ridin’ down in PTown

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