Designing the Superior Bike Park

Now that I’m in contract with the Town of Superior, CO — design this month, dig in March — the game is on.

Design and build a bike park for the community. Riders of all ages, levels and styles. The upcoming Valmont Bike Park in Boulder will draw hardcore riders; this can really focus on local kids, families and mountain bikers.

Required features
– Jumps
– Pump track
– Natural terrain a la Lyons Bike park
– Beginner area with Strider-approved pump tack

My hopes
This park will be fun for everyone.

This park will teach the skills riders need to rip the local trails. That’s what I tried in Lyons, and I think it came out nice. Heck, I’ve learned tons on the sandstone pyramid.

So far
I’m working through some ideas, getting closer to a final approach (which will change, and change, and change).

Designing a park is way more involved than designing an individual track or feature; every time you add a feature, the complications/considerations seem to increase exponentially.

Here’s my screen right now:

Working design for Superior Bike Park. Software: Macromedia FreeHand. Adobe bought it and is phasing it out, but I like Freehand for this work better than Adobe’s Illustrator, which is rapidly pushing FreeHand into extinction.

What would you build?
Locals and world people: What would you put in this park? Keep in mind it’s for the kids, man, it’s for the kids.


— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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