rocks my @$$!

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a web-based application for commercial mortgage brokers. (Yeah, sick!) “ rocks my @$$!” was one of my proposed taglines, but it didn’t fly.

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What we did

I helped convert the existing Backshop enterprise software — a beast that serves 20 major commercial lenders — for easy use by small brokers on the Web. It was all about deciding which functions were essential, making them easier to use, coming up with a brand identity and design, then building the new site. went live today. On time and under budget my friends! They’re based in Marin; we did all the work online and over the phone.

Me: strategy, structure, interaction, copywriting, art direction

Evan Chute: visual design, front-end templates and coding

My brother Dave: all of the software and database kung fu. He’s pretty smart.

If you need a web site that rocks your @$$ …

Email me. My team and I work quickly and precisely. I never work with fools, and you shouldn’t have to either.

If you’re a commercial mortgage broker, you MUST check out It will rock your ass!

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