Postponed: Today’s DJ/pump comp at the Lyons Bike Park

Reporting from slightly snowy Lyons: PJ the promoter says the dirt looks pretty good, but the wooden ramps are wet. He’s moving the Dirt Scream to next Sunday, Nov. 1. I’ll post more details this week.
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  1. Simcik says:

    Ill be in Moab for the Ho-Down, should be sweet! Its so rad that they are working to bring DJ comps to the front range. Thanks Lee and PJ!

  2. SenorBlanco says:

    No chance this thing is going down this weekend after the major dumpage. Guessing it will be canceled all together as it seems to be a bit thrown together.

  3. PJ DiPentino says:

    Hey guys looks like mother nature isnt a dirt comp fan. A whole lot of snow will keep this thing on the back burner.Senorblanco if you mean over 40 hours of developement , hours of help from the town and voluteers. Two board meetings,Countless phone calls to the insurance and promoting organizations and countless trips to lyons is ” A bit thrown together” than I cant imagine what a well thought out program looks like.Thanks for the well thought out comment.It makes it all so worth while.

  4. leelikesbikes says:

    It all comes down to communication.

    If potential customers — not to mention key sponsors and volunteers — can’t find up-to-date info, all that hard work goes unappreciated.

    I look forward to this thing happening. Braaap!

  5. SenorBlanco says:

    You need to thicken your skin and take these comments to heart instead of crying about it.

    Lee says:
    “Details are hard to come by (uninformative site and unreachable promoter)…”

    When no one can find out what/when or if its going to happen then all your 40 hours of prep work mean nothing.

  6. PJ DiPentino says:

    Thick skin I have Blanco.Crying is not my style.Although if youd like to get together with me im sure we could talk about it face to face .In the future be carefull who you piss off .Last time i looked there werent alot of organizations beating down the door to help your cause. Negative remarks to me may just take my comps somewhere else. My number is 970-308-3605. Call me and we can set up a meeting to discuss your issus.

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