Bike for Ashland (and other Super Ds)

Hi Lee,

How are the kids?

Going to Ashland this weekend for the DH and was thinking about running the SX Trail with lighter wheel set, 2.4 single ply Maxxis Ardent tires, 38t single up front, 12-26 tooth in back and clips opposed to flats. What do you think? Looking for some advice.

Christian Koblitz
General Manager
Carson Valley Country Club Restaurant & Bar

Hey Christian,

The Twins are healthy and running the show, thanks.

Ordinarily I’d say an SX Trail is overkill for most Super Ds. But I remember you from the NorCal high school coaching session last fall, and you rode that thing like it weighs 20 pounds. For you, that’s your “little” bike.

In general for Super D, let’s say:

• Run what you know. Whichever bike you ride on trails is probably your ideal Super D weapon.

• If your trail bike is on the XC side, you can make it a bit more DH for Super D. Bigger/burlier tires, chain guide, etc.

• If your trail bike is on the DH side, you can make it a bit more XC for Super D. Lighter wheels/tires, clip-in pedals, etc.

In the end, you want your Super D bike to feel familiar, pedal well and give you confidence to PIN IT.

Sounds like you’re on the right track.


— Lee

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