I am stoked to answer your questions.

Check out the ASK LEE section of this site. More than 600 answers and counting!

Before you send me a question, please do this:

1. Go to the bottom of the left side of this page and peruse the category you’re interested in.

2. Search this site. Chances are your answer is here somewhere. Use the search box on the left side of this page.

3. Search on Google. That’s a more powerful, more precise searching tool. Search for site:leelikesbikes.com and any terms you’re interested in.

If you’re gonna ask a question, please do this:

• Be clear and succinct.

• Don’t ask which bike is best. I will tell you A) the one you have or B) a Specialized with FOX suspension and Shimano components.

Ready? Send an email to lee@leelikesbikes.com

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