2007 Mountain States Cup schedule

MSC’s venues, organization and scene have been the best in the country, and the guys at Bigfoot Productions are turning the dial even higher. This year we’ll enjoy Cross Country, Gravity, Super D and the return of the Roostmaster: XC vs Gravity racers on a course that favors no one. Whose kung fu will prevail? We’ll find out soon.


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  1. KonaMan says:

    Hey Lee, any chance you could post a more detailed layout of that pump track you did for Lory State Park? That thing looks incredible. I’m curious about the dimensions of the track, how far the rollers are layed out, etc. Any chance you could do that? Looks like a track that you could NEVER get bored on!

  2. desert pixie says:

    what is this “roostmaster” nonsense? explain in more detail por favor…
    muchos gracias,
    wendy lee

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Wendy Lee!


    Think of a combo short track and 4X, or racing down the 4X/DS then back up a few times. The old courses had some tough climbs, fun turns and jumps — yeah jumps. It’s all about being a strong overall rider. Think John Tomac, Tinker Juarez, Julie Furtado … Ariel Lindsley, Lee McCormack, Wendy Lee Reynolds …

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