UPDATE: The 3rd edition of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills is even better. Check it out here.

The all-time best selling MTB how-to book is back, bigger and better!

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills is your guide for riding better, faster and more confidently on all terrain. World champion racer Brian Lopes and renowned coach Lee McCormack provide you with all of the key techniques and skills you’ll need to take your ride to the next level.

This new and improved edition of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills provides detailed, technical instruction for every mountain biking discipline:

• Cross country
• All mountain
• Downhill
• Racing
• Pump tracks
• Dirt jumping
• and more

The first edition has sold almost 60,000 copies in seven languages worldwide. The second edition is updated to reflect evolution in mountain bike equipment and riding styles, as well as Brian and Lee’s increased experience.

About the book

Published by: Human Kinetics

ISBN-13: 9780736083713

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches

Pages: More than 250. 60 more than the first edition

Photos/illustrations: hundreds

Available: Now! The book came out in May 2010, and it’s already helping people rip worldwide.

Customize: During checkout tell me whom to sign the book to.

Price: $24 + shipping

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Chapter 1: Choose Your Weapon
Chapter 2: Become One With Your Bike
Chapter 3: Make Great Power
Chapter 4: Brake Better to Go Faster
Chapter 5: Carve Any Corner
Chapter 6: Wheelie and Hop Over Anything
Chapter 7: Pump Terrain for Free Speed Completely new!
Chapter 8: Drop Like a Feather
Chapter 9: Jump With the Greatest of Ease
Chapter 10: Flow on Any Trail
Chapter 11: Handle Crazy Conditions
Chapter 12: Avoid Injuries Completely new!
Chapter 13: Race Like a Champ
Glossary Completely new!

What’s new in this edition?

Great question. Lots of stuff:

Brian has a new emphasis in his riding. Less gated racing, more trail and endurance. That shows up.

Since the first edition came out, Lee has created a sequential teaching curriculum, and he’s been refining it for more than five years teaching riders of all styles and levels. That teaching mindset now informs the whole book. This edition does a much better job of teaching you how to ride better.

The whole book has been updated. Here is some of the new content:

• Suspension choice and setup
• 29ers
• Women specific bikes
• Customizing your bike for your riding style
• Saddle choice and fit
• Gearing options
• Body position – this informs the whole book
• Pedaling form and fitness
• Braking technique
• Keys to good cornering
• Hopping onto a ledge
• Pumping bumps and turns – new chapter
• Applying pump on real terrain – this also informs the whole book
• How far can you drop?
• How to case a jump safely
• Avoid injuries – new chapter with common mistakes and their fixes
• Top 5 MTB training exercises
• Dual slalom
• Super D
• 24-hour races
• Glossary – yeah, braaap is in there

Sample layouts

About the authors

With over 17 years as a professional mountain biker, the name Brian Lopes is synonymous with American Mountain Bike racing. Since his professional debut back in 1993, Brian has been a constant presence on race podiums worldwide. With over 25 World Cup wins, four World Championship titles, and nine National Champion titles in both DH and Dual Slalom, Brian holds the most World Cup “wins” out of any male racer to date, and is recognized as the winningest American pro mountain biker.

In 2008 his winning-ways were recognized, as Brian was inducted into both the Mountain Bike and BMX Hall of Fame.

Having raced BMX for most of his childhood, Brian learned how to ride a bike at the tender age of 4, turning Pro at the age of 17 and competing in the BMX circuit for 7 years before channeling all his efforts to mountain biking. He has appeared on EuroSport, Universal Sports, CBS Sports, Outdoor Life Network and has graced the covers of every major national and international mountain biking magazine, including Mountain Bike Action, MBUK, Dirt, Bicycling, VeloNews, and Mountain Biking, and has received coverage in such mainstream media as Men’s Health, Rolling Stone, and USA Today.

Brian currently has various signature mountain bike products: TLD knee guards, Bell helmet, Kenda tires, WTB bike seat and a signature Sportsmobile design. Other career highlights include being nominated as ESPYs Extreme Athlete of the Year and starring as himself in Playstation’s video game Downhill Domination.

Lopes resides in Laguna Beach, California, with his wife, Paula.

Lee McCormack is the world’s leading technique expert and uses his own sequential teaching curriculum to coach riders of all types and levels—from homemakers to pro downhillers—to ride better, safer, and faster. He is a journalist who has written for Bike, Mountain Bike Action, Twentysix, Flow, and Mountain Biking. He publishes www.leelikesbikes.com, a mountain biking Web site visited by thousands of readers worldwide. Lee also wrote the book Pro BMX Skills with top BMX racers and coaches.

McCormack has won numerous writing and informational graphics awards at the state and regional levels and was part of the team that won the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for public service. Lee has been a bike nut for over 20 years and enjoys all riding disciplines from single-track to road to dirt jumps and pump tracks. McCormack lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife, Arlette, and four children: Kate, Ian, and twins Finley and Fiona.

In other languages

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills 2nd Edition has been translated into German, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Traditional Chinese.

Riva Verlag
Contact: Christian Jund

Wydawnictwo Buk Rower
Contact: Grazyna Kozlowska

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber
Contact: Anastasia Gameza

Ediciones Tutor
Contact: David Domingo

Traditional Chinese
He-Hong Cultural Information Ltd.
Contact: Hong-I Liu

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56 replies
  1. Mom and Dad says:

    Needless to say, we’re enormously proud of you. We’d love to take credit for all your accomplishments and for the Man you’ve become (notice we make that a capital M & for good reason), but as Dad’s old professor said, “protoplasm is tricky stuff” so we think you’ve mostly made yourself the amazing person you are. We were just there to encourage and cheer you on. So now do we have to buy another 3 dozen copies for all our friends?

  2. Matt says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. When it comes to improving your mountain biking skills, this is way more cost effective than those lightweight upgrades everyone is itching to buy. I’ll let my friends know.

  3. daniel says:

    Excellent!! Thank you for bringing light to the darkness!Your first edition and Pump Track Nation has improved my riding tremendously. Hauling mail, and braaping have taken on a whole new meaning! Thanks again for your work Lee!

  4. Adam says:

    Super stoked! Almost May! I usually check the mail irregularly..really who wants bills! But I think I’m going to start checking the mail daily!

  5. Judd says:

    I got the new book tuesday. I am already on chapter 13. Thats 200 pages in 3 days. I haven’t read 200 pages in my life(exluding Mountain Bike Action of course). Your book is put together perfect. Lots of pictures and everything is explained very well and easy to understand. I’m already seeing the bad habits I’ve let creep in over the years go away. Have my first super D saturday and am stoked to use all the things I’ve read. Thanks!!!

  6. leelikesbikes says:

    This just in from Dmitri in Russia:

    I received the book yesterday. I’m reading it right now, and in certain places it’s like pieces of a large puzzle that finally come together. I also get a strange feeling, not unlike that of being armed and armored — it already helped me in a ride.

    By the way, now that I know what Braaaaap! really stands for (and I thought it was the sound of a loud freehub), our local interjection for that is like, Drrrrynnnn!

    Thank you, and keep having great fun!


  7. leelikesbikes says:

    From Yeti in Switzerland:

    Hey Lee!
    got your book and finally found some time to start reading it. Though I’ve been riding and racing for years already I already found some ideas to work on my riding, specially the old bad habits. My girlfriend might be buying a Commencal Meta 5.2 tomorrow and I’ll be using your book to teach her the awesomeness of riding bikes fast! So thanks for this great book!


  8. Rich says:

    I’m sat by the door waiting for my copy to plop through the letterbox Lee! I think the ink will still be wet!

    Rich UK

  9. Juice says:

    Juice from Singapore:

    Oh my god, i just recieved my signed copy of your book in the mail! A birthday present from my sis in law in NY. My path to enlightenment has been lit!! Hmm… now to build that altar for the book.

  10. leelikesbikes says:


    Just got the new mtb book, 2nd edition, yesterday and I’m pretty stoked to get workin’ on my skills. Having grown up on bmx racing and martial arts in my grom days, the references you make to both are easily relatable and entertaining. I’m 44 now and still try to practice my ride skills in a parking lot before I hit the trails and my buddies are makin fun of me. Every good martial artists practices form so combat is natural and responsive not reactionary. (it’s what I tell them cuz it sounds like bruce’s jeet kune do..haha)

    Anyway, I only wish I lived near enough to take on a clinic. I used to race bmx,road, mtb,cross but shut it down when my kiddo was born. Now that he’s older my inner kid is somewhat awake and ready to get some chikenskin goin again! The hardest part is dumping old bad habits but at least I know exactly what they are. The book is a great read. I plan on takin it to the trails and review the skills in the car! Why not? I figure you’d be asking your students to do the same when your doin a clinic, right? I’d like to get my ride style down with a combo of BruceLee, JayAdams, and NicoVoullioz. Is there a pill for that?


    Rey Cruz

    — — —

    Yeah Rey!

    MMBSii is that pill.

  11. leelikesbikes says:

    From Noah in Colorado:

    I’m sure you get this alot but hey what’s one more.
    Been applying some of your advise, haven’t had the book very long so one thing at a time right, and holy cow! Already faster and I would say safer! Which equals more fun in my world.
    Glad you are back in your home safe and sound!
    Maybe I’ll catch you at gun barrel some time!
    Thanks for all the awesome work!

    Thanks Noah!

  12. leelikesbikes says:

    Hi Lee,

    I just finished reading my copy of ‘Mastering Mountain Bike Skills’ and would like to express my gratification about the quality of this book. As a Jack of all trades (master or none!), I enjoy many different hobbies and love the learning process, too. Your book is THE best book on skills instruction that I have read over ANY subject. Your attention to detail, depth, and delivery of experience is spot on; furthermore, your passion flows through the book. I really enjoyed reading this book.

    ‘Mastering Mountain Bike Skills’ has improved my MTB skills tremendously. I live in the SF Bay Area where there is a plethora of beautiful places to bike. My new skills have allowed me to further explore and enjoy this paradise I live in.

    – Eric

  13. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Lee!

    Got my copy in the mail yesterday…WOW! So much more than I expected..plus autographed!

    I was expecting something along the lines of A Gear Higher…but the book is so much more. Look forward to reading and digesting it.

    I wasn’t able to make any of your clinics out our way…but Austin/Matt(s) and the rest said they were amazing. I’ll go next year I hope.


    (Founding NorCalMTB Board of Directors)

  14. leelikesbikes says:

    Hi Lee,

    I’m German, so I apologize for any mistakes I might be making in English. I thought you might want to know that MMBSii is making its way to Europe. I discovered it at amazon.de (.de = Germany) where it had only the best reviews. I’ve added another glowing one just recently.

    This is the first time ever I write to the author of a book. The reason for this is that I think you did a really great job. I hold two master’s degrees in sports and sports science and I’ve read tons of literature in the field of sports. But I have never read a book which offers such a huge amount of pinpoint knowledge in such an entertaining way. Moreover, I have been mountainbiking for more than 20 years and I was thrilled to find things in the book that I had subconsciously felt, but never consciously realized. Thanks for that! As I teach English and Sports (that includes a MTB group) at a German school, my German MTB-students will soon hear about the “attack position” and so forth.

    By the way, after reading your book I checked out your homepage and was surprised to find out that you live in Boulder. I studied at CU for one year (1995-1996) and I often cycled up to Bald Mountain, through Gold Hill etc. So I was shocked to read about the fire. I’m glad your house could be saved.

    Keep up the great work!

    Take care.

    Ralf Rosin

    PS.: Being an English teacher I really liked your idea “100 word essay in exchange for an e-book”. So essay writing can be of use in the real world after all – I have to tell my students 😉

    Thanks Ralf!

  15. leelikesbikes says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thank you for creating a truly great book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills.

    I am so thrilled for your book. It is just what I need to help me developing my riding skills. I just got into singletrack this past summer and absolutely love it. I joined the local bike club Cyclists of Gitchee Gumee Shores (COGGS) to learn more about the great trails that we have here in Duluth, MN and a fellow member Eric V, sent an email telling us about your book, Mastering Mountain Bike Skills.

    I look forward to the next riding season to become a more confident and stable rider. I will read this book over and over to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can.

    From reading your book, I learned about pump tracks and wanted to get a copy of Welcome to Pump Track Nation on how to build them in the hopes that I can someday convince my wife to let me build a small one in our back yard 🙂

    Thanks again Lee!

    With best Regards,

    Charlie B

  16. leelikesbikes says:

    hi Lee.

    i started mtn biking about 4 years ago, and got more serious 2 years ago. last summer i started to relax more, and enjoy the descending part with less fear. i now have a light freeride style bike (Reign X) on order and have decided that i really want to get the most from the sport. i live on Vancouver Island in Courtenay, with excellent local mtn biking and of course the mainland with infinite big mtn riding adventures to be had.

    but this is about your book! i also began asking local shops if there were any good books or dvds and none seemed to have any recommendations. so i turned to the Oracle, and came across your book and many positive reviews. i received it a couple weeks ago and have read it cover to cover- i’m amazed at how good it is; the detail, the progressions, focal points, the writing style and humour, everything. it’s an incredible resource and i look forward to re-reading it and digesting it over time and continually learning from it. you’ve clearly left no stone unturned, this has to be considered the exhaustive tome of mtn biking.

    i have found out that besides the incredible mountain trails we have both a bmx track and a pump track near by, so i will be expanding my horizons and training in the summer. i’m told they can’t be ridden when it’s wet, and believe me when i say it’s WET here in the winter!

    i was sorry to read about your shoulders mate, it sounds awful. sadly, i think you are right, it will be a rest-of-your-life issue. good thing for your positive attitude.

    this will be the year to go from riding at level 2 to 3- working the trail creatively with maximum flow and fun. many thanks for the inspiration and the incredible resource.


  17. leelikesbikes says:

    Hi Lee,

    I bought the original edition of your book from the Boulder Book store in March 2010 and have enjoyed it ever since!

    Thanks for such a great resource – it has proven to be invaluable.

    No only if I waited 2 months and got the new edition. C’est la vie – thanks again for the tips!

    Dan G.

    Right on Dan, thanks for the note. I have to tell you: The 2nd edition is much better.


  18. leelikesbikes says:


    I just got your book a few weeks ago. I’m pretty new to the sport (3 months) but I’ve read 4 books on “Mountain bike skills” in an attempt to bail less often and ride with less fear. Your book was hands down the best. I really wish I would have picked it up sooner.

    Thanks for writing it. Once I’ve absorbed the content I’ll pick up your BMX book. I don’t ride BMX currently but I’ve rediscovering the love for biking that I had when I was a wee lad. If you are ever in Southern California (West Los Angeles or Ventura County area) I’d love to come help you build a pump track, attend a seminar, or buy you a beer.

    Best of wishes,

    Thanks man. That means a lot. The bmx book explores pump in crazy depth; itll be great for advanced mtb studies.



  19. leelikesbikes says:


    I owe you a HUGE debt of gratitude! I read Mastering Mtb’ing Skills after riding for 22 years and it REVOLUTIONIZED my riding. I fell in love with MtB’ing again and had an amazing season.

    Calvin Tomkins


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