Thanks from a stoked reader/rider

Hi Lee

I started biking this year in April. I’m 45 and was getting out of shape and since I’m a mad keen life long skier I figured that this would be the ideal sport for me.

Turns out I was right. Not only am I hooked but I also lost 25 pounds. I got a cheap cheerful hard-tail to start but I just got a Scott ransom 10.

Anyhow I got your book about 3 weeks ago and I’ve read it cover to cover about three times. All the guys I ride with in the last two weeks are asking me what the hell is up with me because now I am no longer the slowest either downhill or up.

I don’t have it figured all out yet but I’m making crazy progress with my power, my climbing and my cornering. Thanks a bunch. Honestly, biking is changing my life.

cheers, Paul.

Right on Paul!

Biking changed my life as well.

Do your best and enjoy the ride,

— Lee