Mountain biking is the best sport ever — and the better you get, the better it gets.

Thanks to the LLB Teaching Method and our rigorous standards, LLB coaches are the most effective in the world.

Ride safer. Ride more confidently. Ride faster. Have more fun.

Half day classes – $150

In just three hours you’ll learn the fundamental skills that empower great riding:

Efficient pedaling
Going up and down obstacles
Pumping bumps
Vision and the Sine Waves of Love

When you plug these skills into your riding, you’ll see immediate, tremendous improvement. As you master these skills, it’s a smooth progression to more advanced skills like hopping, dropping, jumping and technical climbing.

Full day classes – $300

We’ll cover the core skills listed above, eat lunch (BYOL) then apply your new skills on the local terrain. Get ready to ride faster — and easier — than ever before.

Depending on your trails and the riders in the group, you can expect to explore rock gardens, drops, jumps and technical climbs/descents. We’ll have plenty of time to help you reach your goals.

Be ready to work 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is a long, tiring and awesome day!


These classes will be held at Vail Lake in Temecula, CA. Vail Lake has an awesome collection of trails. It’s used for lots of XC and enduro races.

Dates and times

When you sign up, you agree to follow the policies for LLB instruction.

Friday, Dec. 11 2015 : Half day 2-5pm with Kevin Stiffler : $150 : Sign up >>>
Saturday, Dec. 12 2015 : Half day 10am-1pm with Kevin Stiffler : $150 : Sign up >>>
Saturday, Dec. 12 2015 : Half day 2-5pm with Kevin Stiffler : $150 : Sign up >>>
Sunday, Dec. 13 2015 : Full day 10am-4pm with Kevin Stiffler : $300 : Sign up >>>

Sunday, Jan. 24 2016 : Full day 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with Lee McCormack : $300 : Sign up >>>



Here’s a quick video from the January 2015 sessions in Simi Valley, CA. Video by Coach Andy Somerville.

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