Pinned adj The state of riding (typically a motorcycle) with the throttle wide open. Maxed out. On the ragged edge.

The SMBA monkeys rail some curvy goodness.

Sorry for the staleness of this site. The past couple weeks have been, well, pinned:

  1. Adult and youth riding camps with SMBA (Fun but exhausting.)
  2. Dialing in the curriculum to certify bicycle skills instructors. (This is becoming HUGE; looks like I’ll be training high school mtb coaches this fall.)
  3. Racing and coaching at the Crested Butte Mountain States Cup (My boys did great, and so did I. Hell yeah; mid-pack semipro.)
  4. Week-long downhill camp at Keystone/Vail (Boo-hoo. Poor me.)
  5. Dirt jumping at a sweet spot in Summit County (Don’t even ask for directions.)
  6. My own personal downhilling (Thanks to Curtis Keene I stepped it up big time, but see #8.)
  7. Moto trail adventure (45 high-country miles with nary a pedal. Braaap!)
  8. A torn/ruptured ulnar collateral ligament in my thumb. As I went over the bars my thumb hooked the grip and got bent to a silly degree. (I’ll know more this afternoon).

Full reports as soon as possible. If the thumb is super jacked, I’ll have more time for writing.

The SMBA downhill campers at Keystone. Clockwise from top left: Kate who makes it all happen, Blair, Dylan, Martin, Cody, Joe, Joey, Curtis the best co-coach ever, Ben and me.

It’s not what you accomplish in life. It’s what you overcome.