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Hi my name’s Alex and I like bikes.

I’ve been riding properly for around two and a half years now. I’ve raced cyclocross, track, been an XC championship overall winner, and now I’m riding and racing more downhill, trail and BMX. I plan to race all the disciplines eventually but right now it’s a balancing act with college!

I reached out to Lee last year hoping for some advice to become a coach and ended up applying for a role with him. He said yes, and my riding has changed more in these six months than the whole two years previously. I’ve learnt how to ride properly and thanks to my five years of swimming teaching experience I’m ready to teach the theory of awesome riding.

I’ve never wanted anything in my life as much compared with becoming a fully qualified Lee Likes Bikes coach. I’ll put EVERYTHING into making sure that I’m the best coach I can be and help you transform your riding.

Let’s do it!


Review: Review: Skills coaching with ALEX ROBERTON from LLB by Wacek Kipszak

Public classes

Alex will teach you the fundamentals of great riding: Position, braking, cornering, up/down bumps and pumping terrain.

Sweden: Gothenburg – Slottskogsvallen : Saturday 18 June, 13:00 to 16:00
This class was fantastic. Read a review.

Private classes

For private and semi-private groups, Alex Roberton’s time costs 80 GBP per hour. He is available for private and small-group classes around the Forest of Dean and beyond. Ride faster. Crash less. Have even more fun. Alex will show you the way.

We suggest two hours minimum. A three-hour class is ideal. The most popular package is two three-hour sessions, which gives you time to learn the core skills then apply them on your favorite terrain.

By buying hours, you agree to follow LLB clinic policies.

Buy Coach Alex’s time at PayPal >>>
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“Like the sign says, ‘speed’s just a question of money. How fast you wanna go?'”

– Grease Rat in the movie Mad Max

Image courtesy of Wacek Kispszak

Lee adds:

Alex is on the LLB team because he’s sharp, motivated, skilled, passionate and eager to learn. He has worked through the entire LLB core curriculum and shown not only impeccable riding but also, and more importantly, a deep understanding and ability to communicate.

To reach Alex, email him at

Feel free to email Lee with questions:

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  1. leelikesbikes says:

    Alex is excellent. I am really impressed how well he rides and teaches, especially given the fact that he started riding and learning relatively recently. And all of that remotely (via the LLB online MTB school at Hats off for that.

    I am not an easy trainee – always comparing everything i hear with my current knowledge, always trying to understand everything i am taught, always objecting when something is not 100% precise and always trying to find out “why”. And Alex handled all that with flying colors, he was patient, helpful and willing to explain. There were couple of minor points where we didn’t agree on (mostly small details related to physics of bike riding), but the fundamentals were sound and pretty convincing.

    I am really happy we managed to organize the lessons and it was money well spent. Despite reading your book, the personal training experience is dramatically more helpful (especially the technique to ride drops – which requires big leap of faith).

    Peter Kundrat


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