My name is Lee McCormack.

I’m a world renowned mountain biker, author, teacher and speaker. I educate with elegant logic and inspire with a positive outlook on the interplay between sports performance and joyful living. I have worked with more than 10,000 individuals and trained more than 1,000 other coaches. I speak at a variety of venues to a wide range of audiences.

“I’m experiencing joy just from having sat through that.”

– Non-riding attendee of “Make 2023 your best MTB year”

These include:

  • Attendees at leadership conferences.
  • Corporate leaders and staff at company events.
  • Sports teams and programs.
  • Public groups at theaters, restaurants and other venues.

Everyone has fun, learns a lot and leaves with clear, inspired direction.

To book me, email me at leelikesbikes@gmail.com.

You can see my public speaking events at Eventbrite.

This talk covered the core mountain biking skills, but it was way more about the rest of Life. Said one attendee: “That was incredible. It transcended a lot of different things, not just mountain biking but sports I do, sports my kids do, other things we do. Thank you for that.”
Focus on outcome builds an unstable base.
The great mountain bike philosopher Yogi Berra.
“I’m experiencing joy from just having sat through that,” said one attendee.

This talk was titled “5 Lessons for Business Coaches from Mountain Bike Coaching.” 40 percent of attendees wept. 100 percent were inspired. I talked the same group months later, and they were still feeling tons of momentum.
Truth is simple. I love seeing the light in people when it lands.
I do plenty of talking, and I do some deep listening. People feel seen, and that opens them right up.
No one scrolls on their phone when I’m talking.
Not your average, dry speaker.
Who you are in life is who you are on a bike, at work and in line at the grocery store. When we improve some core aspects of how you see yourself, you see improvement in every part of your life.

I trained more than 1,000 coaches for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. These classes began with a talk indoors then went to bikes outdoors.
Training more high school MTB coaches in Wisconsin.