About Lee Likes Bikes


I started Lee Likes Bikes in 2002 because … well … my name is Lee and I like bikes. Pretty simple. Plus it’s alliterative, and it rhymes.

LLB is committed to helping everyone ride better and experience more joy in their lives. We accomplish this by providing

Free articles and videos. Our blog has more than 2,000 articles. For more, do a Google search for Lee McCormack or Lee Likes Bikes. We’re all over the web! Oh yeah, and you gotta see Joy of Bike on Youtube.

Books and ebooks. So far I’ve written 11 books on skills, bike setup, fitness training and pump tracks. Check ’em out.

Online MTB schools. Check out www.llbmtb.com (member site) and ridelogic.bike.

Virtual coaching. I can work with you anywhere in the world through the magic of Zoom and Google Docs. Learn more here.

Live coaching. Private, small groups and public classes in Boulder, CO and way beyond.  See the options.

Our purpose

We help people live their best lives via the mountain bike.

Our core values

  • Excellence in all things
  • Humble confidence
  • Constant growth
  • Customers first
  • Produce flow

We’re stoked when you’re stoked. If you have questions, please email me.