Posted Dec. 3, 2003
A couple cool corners

Yesterday afternoon in Santa Cruz: Last night's rain settled. The sun peaked through the canopy. The soil turned tacky.

Rich "The Beautful One" Gonsalves and Curtis "My face might be jacked from crashing at Shells, but I'm better looking than Rich" Keene sessioned a couple perfect corners. It was dark down in the woods, so I ran a long exposure with my flash set to pop at the end -- for a speedy space ghost effect. Here's what I got:

Sweeping, bermed left

Rich manages to rail the corner while flexing every muscle in his body. I can't show you his face. He charges too much.

Curtis hauled the mail into the corner, pumped the apex then got right back on the gas.

Chicane around leaning trees

Curtis leaned over the first tree, unweighted to the point of air then dove under the second one. Every time I ride this section, I go "Whoa, that was so cool!"


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