Posted Nov. 24, 2003
San Diego report with Chris Powell, No. 2

Pro 4Xer and NorCal speed boy Chris Powell is on assignment in San Diego. His mission: get a college degree and report on the So-SoCal bike scene.

Where did we leave off? Vegas I believe it was.

Well I came, I saw, I overindulged, and, most importantly, I won money. I actually did not, but my beautiful girlfriend Tiffany did. She could do no wrong when it came to gambling -- she was able to pay for my mistakes and then some. Not bad for two fresh 21ers out in Vegas for the first time.

Friday night was a mess for me but great fun (Thank you Anthony, Termizzle, T-Birdy and Justin Dick). I will never drink another Irish Car Bomb for the rest of my life. When it was time for the expo I was in prime condition and the business wheels where turning. No news allowed to be shared yet -- the cat will be out of the bag in a day or two -- but until then thank you Termite, Jim, and everyone at Profile for supporting me and putting up with me for the last two years. Thank you for everything.

Chris' mighty '03 Specialized SX.

Next I was off to race an ABA national in Del Mar (CA), marking my Single A Pro debut. The racetrack was decent, but it had little-to-no flow. On Sunday the firestorms were coming o-so-close. It was raining ash on the track. It was less than pleasant to sprint for forty seconds then try to catch your breath in what felt and smelled like a chimney -- good times.

In the end I made my first bmx professional main and took sixth place. I was stoked as I only seriously started riding a bmx bike again a few months ago after a six-year break. I was very impressed with the level of athleticism displayed by the top pros in bmx. It is no wonder that bmx will be an Olympic sport in '08.

Snap! Chris gets a gate.

This looks like some crazy transfer, presumably from that berm. We could never get that guy to color within the lines. ...

From there I headed to the Imperial Valley Sand Dunes (Glamis) for two days of madness and Yamaha Banshee action. Can you say brbrbr-braaap? Only sad thing is that a noticeable amount of land has been closed off to environmental protection. O-well.

The Powell sand fleet.

On that note I went riding with AA pro Jason Richardson (B-52, MSC) last Saturday. We went to Temecula and after half an hour of blindly looking, we found trails! We rode for a few hours in some intense wind. It was all good though as people were coming out of the wood works to come ride with us -- NorCal style.

Dirt Jumps R Us.

Speaking of NorCal, I'm flying home to the Bay Area this Tuesday, the 25th. I will be home for a week. Will you see me at the jumps? You can bet the house on it!

Later days,

--Chris Powell.

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