Posted Oct. 28, 2003
Calabasas Jumping Jam Jamboree

With the collegiate coolguys in town for the Stanford Subatomic Smash DH and the local heads just raring to show off their updated kung fu, Calabasas hosted a heck of a jumping jam this Saturday.

Photo gallery

Now this is a double
The newest double in back of the park is mammoth. Perfect, head-high lips ease you in and out of a 20-foot-plus gap. Guys who hit it said it was the most perfectly crafted jump in history.

Matt V

Ryan Condrashoff

Favorite photos
There are lots more in the full photo gallery.

Even on the smaller double, Ryan had to watch out for airplanes.

Curtis Beavers

Chris Monestier

Juan Graziosi - Let's buy this guy some new shorts.

Curtis Keene - Racer Boy was going half as high and twice as fast as everyone else. Braaap!

Mike Haderer - aka Mad Hatter

Billy O!

These jumps don't build themselves. Check out that pit!

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