Posted May 19, 2005
Fruita ride: Mary's Loop to More Fun

Here's a quickie you can bust out while you're heading through Fruita, CO, perhaps on your way home from an epic motorcycle ride.

Take exit 15 off I-70 and park at the Kokopelli Trailhead. Hop on your bike and spin up the dirt road, over a little pass then down into a trail-ribboned valley. Go past the big left siwtchback, then hang a right on Mary's Loop.

The climb starts rocky and moderately steep then flattens as it skirts the edge of a plateau. The Colorado River roils in the valley to your left. The trail is mellow but quite fun if you're willing to make your own speed.

Keep bearing right on Mary's Loop until you climb a shrt hill and reach the junction above the Lion's Loop trailhead. Mack Ridge Trail heads northwest, and More Fun Trail goes southeast. Hop on More Fun and consider the mellow part of your ride to be over.

More Fun scratches its way up a steep, rocky ridge then bombs toward the dirt road you spun in on. Numerous switchbacks and ledges make the climb downright tricky. The same features make the descent fun, fun, fun. It starts slow and technical, and it opens up as it reaches the dirt road. You might not feel the flow on the treacherous upper sections, but you will be digging the lower half for sure.

Total mileage is about 10, with lots of other options. Next time you're driving through Fruita, pull over for an hour and hammer out this ride.

Mr. Jim Norman lords over the top of More Fun. Mary's Loop follows the edge of the plateau below.

This shot of Jim reminds me of these shots at Mammoth. Jim. Me.

La, la, la ...

... la, la, la.

Me, Lee, trying to rip whilst avoiding that saddle.

Jim Norman himself. We've been riding together for a decade (I studied his technique for years), and this is his first ride as a Colorado resident. Expect to see more of Jim on this site.

Huge nature, tiny human. Reminds me of this shot on the Kamikaze.

The middle of the More Fun descent, after it opens up a bit.

Some big trail map action for ya.

You know you're in Fruita ...
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