Posted May 8, 2005
The Spring 2005 SuperFly DH Invitational Universe Championships

Will and Willy at the Road 34 bike shop in Fort Collins made yesterday the best Saturday ever. We're talking a group XC ride with a timed descent, a jump jam, and a monster party.

Group Ride With A Timed Descent
Everyone met at the shop then drove to the trailhead in a local open space park.

The climb to the descent was serious business, especially with big bikes and lots of clothing. The young hares took off fast but faded as the gristly old tortoises settled into an easy pace and crawled inexorably over the pliable bodies.

The descent was wide open, fast and covered with loose rocks. There was no practice. Unless you're local, your "timed run" was also your first run. On a little bike it was a bit sketchy in spots; on a big bike it was superfast, but the short climb was a real ball buster. The fastest riders hopped off and ran up the rocky pitch.

Among the 68 Timed Riders, talent ranged from local honch to recreation bro'. Bikes ranged from full DH to old school hardtail. The overall vibe was extremely chill. After chasing victories last year, it was nice to hang out and ride a trail without worrying about time and placing.

Earning those turns.

Me in my new The Fix/Rhythm Cycles/LLB jersey.

Will, with no shirt, explains the plan. His looks and leadership ability remind me of Jesus -- if Jesus was a hard-partying mountain biker.

My teammate Mike coasts the bottom of the course. Before this he thought had finished, so he stopped on the course.

This turn was sketchy, but Corey from Fort Collins has it under control.

Emily gets it. Braaap!

Tammy was a Californian two weeks ago.

Tammy's husband Jimmy moved out here with Push Industries.

Nice little overview.


Super Chicken.


Will, aka Belligerent Jesus. Huge props to him and Willy for making the day happen.

Here's that climb.

Brady from Fort Collins is thinking, "Yeah! Downhill! Sick!!!"

Dave from Fort Collins is gathering speed for the next downslope.

Tony from Colorado Springs is wondering where is knee pad went.

Ben from Fort Collins is looking down the trail, but his bike -- it has other ideas.

One of the fastest people through this section.


Jump jam/rager
After the Group Ride With A Timed Descent we congregated at Casa de Road 34, a one-story house on a major street with a huge yard. A quarterpipe/roll-in stood in the front yard and fed into three lines of jumps that rhythmed through the side yard, into the back yard, past a wall ride and through a turny, bermy pump track. Bands rocked on the deck, and kegs flowed freely. By the time the jump contest went off, at least 100 people were drinking, riding and digging. Oh, and there were actual free-range females.

Twelve Cents for Marvin laid down a varied curtain of ska/funk/dance sound, and I must say it was a real treat to roll down that ramp and pump through the rhythm with all those people and the band Doppler shifting past my left shoulder. I felt like a rock star. Bill The Welder took me back to the punk days with their heaviness, quickness and lyrics like "What's the score? ... 6-6-6!" Thank goodness the neighbors are cool.

We all had a great time sessioning the high-G pump track and messing with the jumps. Some very good riders road very well, and the rest of us just did our thing. It was just so fun going after it with all that energy around you. It reminded me of ragers back in college, only this one was sponsored by a bike shop and Red Bull, who kicked in $200 for the best trick. Shane from Road 34 represented 26" wheels like a champ, but a couple 20-inchers just stomped the place. We're talking rear-wheel stalls on the wall ride (and a couple flights over the wall ride into the neighbors' yard), barspin/tailwhip combos and general bigness and stylishness.

They call him "Huck." Gee, I wonder why.

My teammate Mike With the Unfortunate Nickname.

Low and smooth wasn't winning any prizes, but I had a great time pumping that set.


360 + back yard + crowd + band + sponsor placement = Red Bull knows what they're doing


Your Timed Run winner, Wiley Robinson.


I wasn't drinking, but despite all the protests I whipped off my shirt. You'd think I would know better.

Lee to his SX: "I will crush you!" That Fox Talas is so new it still has the warning sticker: "WARNING - Cornering at 3Gs will make you want to take off your shirt."

Well, hello there ...

Jimmy from Push Industries is always down for a little bike swapping. He admitted my non-Pushed SX kicks as much ass as an underwear-clad guitarist.

Elliot hurt his shoulder jumping, so he tamed it down and railed the beejeebers out of the pump track.



That, my friends, is punk rock.


Fight terrorism: spend money!

Mastering Mountain Bike Skills

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